About Data Analytics Platform for Skill – Gap Analysis

"Digital Bangladesh" is an integral part of the Government of Bangladesh's (GoB) Vision 2021—which promises a prosperous and equitable middle-income Bangladesh by its golden jubilee of independence. Digital Bangladesh is having four key priorities –

ICT sector has been declared as one of the thrust sector in Bangladesh. Progress made in bringing government services to the doorsteps of citizen is probably the area where Bangladesh registered most significant progress. Vertical (with government ministries and agencies) and horizontal (i.e., with citizens) policy advocacy and development interventions have resulted in a number of citizen-centric e-initiatives and services such as multimedia classroom and teacher-led education content development in public schools, mobile phone based health service, agricultural and other livelihood information and services (e-Tathyakosh) online through different outlets. The Government has started implementing digitization of the government records and innovating e-services for the citizen.

The Information Technology (IT) of Bangladesh is building its reputation in the global arena based on several differentiators, chief among them being manpower. In recent years, organizations across the world have started to recognize the value that vast and readily available pool of IT professionals of Bangladesh brings to every engagement. Global organizations have found it extremely cost-effective to leverage this significant resource and gain bottom-line benefits by harnessing its power.

Going forward, however, the scenario is expected to be very different. Instead of just cost arbitrage the world will look to Bangladesh for specialized talent pool. Ageing western economies are already facing severe skills shortage, and will, in the years ahead, require people with advanced technology skills and domain knowledge. In the near future it would also be an added requirement to nurture mobility between occupations and across labour markets.

To remain relevant, inclusive and viable, Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) has already undertaken initiatives to fulfill the growing need for skilled manpower in the IT sector and narrow the existing gap between the demand and supply of skills. BCC believes that such initiatives can be the game changer and the way to go forward.

In the light of the above, BCC has undertaken owned a big data and analytics platform for skills gap analysis in the IT industry of Bangladesh.